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Twitvid is Rebranding to Telly

14th June 2012

Over the past 3 years, we worked tirelessly at Twitvid on bringing you the best video upload and sharing service for Twitter through mobile apps, integrations, and the web. In the course of building Twitvid, we saw a huge explosion of videos being uploaded and shared, not just on Twitvid, but everywhere online. As video fanatics ourselves, we found that it has become harder and harder for us to find the best videos. Millions of minutes of videos are added to the internet every day. How do we find the good stuff? How do we enjoy video online if its so scattered?

Our answer is Telly.com. Telly is a place for us to collect and share the best video, and to discover what to watch through what our social connections watch, talk about, and like. The Telly mobile apps, launching soon, will make each and every one of us a videographer, with awesome creation tools. We hope you give Telly a try. Sign up here and tell us what you think at feedback [AT] telly.com.

We’re very excited about the future. We think Telly will solve a huge problem across the web, all mobile devices, and TV. No longer will we have to sift through 100’s of channels and rely on boring TV guides to discover what to watch. We’re looking forward to re-inventing the future of media with you.

Over the next few weeks, we will start transitioning you to the Telly experience. You’ll be able to create an account, follow others, add your favorite videos to Telly, and discover great things to watch. You’ll also still be able to upload videos to Twitter through Telly. 

We will continue to build and enhance our Twitvid iOS and Android apps. If you use Twitvid from third party services like Twitter for iPhone or EchoFon, we will continue to enhance those integrations as well.

We love you guys  :)


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