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Strange Animals Edition

14th November 2012

Animals provide a constant source of amazement. They bring the cute, the shock and the downright bizarre. This week, we’ve collected your videos of animals doing strange things. We should probably do this every week, but we all know we need to save space for "O Face" guitar stars and wrong-way escalator professionals!


The Human Centipede movies are quite possibly some of the most foul movies ever produced. But don’t tell these caterpillars…in a truly bizarre moment, these sluggy little darlings are having a lovely time re-enacting the movie’s most iconic scenes!


Cats Katz are wonderful. Anything they do is a bonafide LOLcat-to-be. But Henri is a special case. He’s French, requires subtitles, is terribly existential and he’s not exactly happy with the world around him…especially how we celebrate the ghosts & ghouls of Halloween…with a squash! He exudes “emo” and, given skinny jeans, he’d certainly be the first hipster kitty. So enjoy Henri while you can, because he’s not amused by your amusement.


Somehow, in the cosmic order of our natural world we’ve evolved from fart-sniffing knuckle-draggers to the qualified savants that we are now. These monkeys, however, are proof of a new scientific theory, ERBCRB (Evolution in Reverse Because of Ron Burgundy). These little dudes are seriously cannonballing into a pool! No belly flop, no face plant, just a good old knees-in, tuck-and-jump CAAAAAAANONBALL! Bravo, evolution. You win.


And finally, one more kitty-vid. They are the predators of the 2-story domicile. The kings of Mt. Sofa. And humanity’s last hope against “The Eyes of Catdor!" Enjoy this professionally shot video of kitties chasing LASER BEAMS!

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