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Do You Hate Yourself Now?

28th November 2012

"Oh god, I have an entire turkey in my fat @$$."

Admit it, you honker, that damn roasted bird made itself a permanent resident in your belly. The turkey was a fine distraction from reality. But reality it is. This is real life and you’re not that 40 inch waistline anymore, post-bird. So this week, we’ve collected the best (sporty) videos you probably missed over the T-day break. But the last thing you want to see is some overstuffed unpardoned gobbler dancing Gangnam Style across your screen. These vids are Thanksgiving-neutral and tailor made to shed some pounds & get you fit!

In order of appearance: Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Russell Westbrook, and Dwayne Wade. First of all, who voted DHoward into the dribbling song? Oh, it’s like All Star voting…Boston is still voting Larry Bird as starting Forward! Second, why is DWade even in this video? He dribbles like 5 times…paid per bounce? Gotta love the creativity here though!


Tickets to the big game: $200 court-side seats
Tasty sweets for your mouf: $11.95 plus tax
Forgetting the sweeties for the hotties: PRICELESS


You know, it’s rare there’s equal opportunity sexism across genders, especially online. But the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and the United States armed forces have collaborated for a 3 minute lip dub of “Call Me Maybe.” This is eye candy guaranteed to satisfy EVERYBODY.


Don’t watch this video or attempt these stunts after consuming the all-you-can-eat turkey leftovers. These nuts base jump from 3k+ cliffs in Norway and put their brass balls on display. Total badasses!



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