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Gun Control’s Big Debate

15th January 2013

January 8, 2011 - Tucson, Arizona: 6 dead, 13 wounded
February 21, 2012 - Norcross, Georgia: 3 dead
February 27, 2012 - Chardon, Ohio: 3 dead, 3 wounded
March 8, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA: 1 dead, 7 wounded
April 2, 2012 - Oakland, CA: 7 dead, 3 wounded
April 6, 2012 - Tulsa, Oklahoma: 3 dead, 2 wounded
May 30, 2012 - Seattle, WA: 4 dead, 1 wounded
July 20, 2012 - Aurora, Colorado: 12 dead, 58 wounded
August 5, 2012 - Oak Creek, Wisconsin: 5 dead, 3 wounded
August 13, 2012 - Brookfield, Wisconsin: 2 dead, 4 wounded
September 27, 2012 - Minneapolis, Minnesota: 6 dead, 2 wounded
December 11, 2012 - Happy Valley, Oregon: 1 dead, 1 wounded
December 14, 2012 - Newtown, Connecticut: 26 dead, 2 wounded
December 21, 2012 - Frankstown Township, Pennsylvania: 2 dead, 3 wounded

Gun violence and mass shootings have continued to plague the United States. 2012 was particularly deadly as we witnessed 7 of the past 25 mass shootings since 2006 take place right before our eyes. As the nation heals from these unspeakable acts of evil, a discussion begins…do we need stricter gun control? Should we modify our 2nd Amendment rights for gun ownership? Who’s responsible, the gunner or the gun?

President Obama has made a pledge to curb gun violence and has appointed Vice President Joe Biden to set up a task force and issue recommendations. However, these recommendations have not been reported yet and the debate is getting heated, as you can tell when Alex Jones was interviewed by Piers Morgan…


Piers Morgan, an apparent glutton for punishment, kept the debate going with Editor-At-Large for Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro, and accused the English “turncoat” (Alex Jones’ description, not ours) of “standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook children.” Here’s their discussion…


The gun control issue boiled over for James Yeager, CEO of weapons training company, Tactical Response, when he threatened to “start killing people” if any new gun laws take effect in the wake of these mass shootings…


Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and Yeager’s handgun permit was suspended as a result of his video. But to be fair, the debate hasn’t been only the crazies making news as NRA President David Keene spoke to CNN on the unlikelihood that Capital Hill will succeed in an assault weapons ban…


As we speculate where we’re headed with new laws and modifications I’m sure we all want to avoid the Onion News Network’s dystopian version of our future…


On a serious note, wherever you stand on gun rights or gun control, we stand united for the victims of these tragedies. Jordan Ghawi said it best, who lost his sister, Jessica, during the Aurora, CO shootings, remember the victims, not the shooter.


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