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Thrifting Never Sounded So Good - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Serenade the “Thrift Shop”

24th January 2013


Hip-Hop marvels, Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) & Ryan Lewis, exploded on the pop culture radar this year with their uptempo, saxophone-riffing banger, “Thrift Shop.” The romping tune features Seattle rapper-with-a-brain, Macklemore, as he doses out prose on grampy’s ironically fashionable hand-me-downs and the ridiculous cost of limited edition threads. Here’s their HOT NEW VIDEO…


"This is f*ing awesome." Truer words have never been spoken! The infectious hooks and melody make this track the feel good tune of the season. But the song has truly broken through and inspired loads of cover versions and parodies. Let’s take a look at some of the best…

"Pot Shop" is a hilarious "Thift Shop" alternate reality where writer/director/cast member, Steve Berke, makes his case for the legalization of marijuana. Even Macklemore himself makes a quick cameo!


Not to be outdone, video game website IGN made their own parody, “Game Shop.” If your nerd love can handle it, click play and enjoy an ode to cheap games! Also, don’t miss the cameo from the Epic Meal Time guys!


One of the best covers we’ve see so far comes from A Capella group, Pentatonix. Despite swapping some words around to keep it PG-13, it’s a worthy cover version with some SICK beat-boxing. No doubt, this is in Glee's future.


And last but most certainly not least, violinist Lindsey Stirling and independent singer/songwriter Tyler Ward put a clever string arrangement spin on their “Thrift Shop” cover version. Beautiful voices, great stuff!


Don’t forget, Macklemore is an independent artist, please support him and all the other artists out there trying to make it! You can get his album here.

And to round things out, here’s Macklemore performing “Thift Shop” LIVE at The Ellen Show last week!


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