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28th January 2013


After 3+ years, the TwitVid brand has been merged into Telly.com! We first announced this change on June 14, 2012. However, we continued to allow users to use the TwitVid service for a period of time to help transition our awesome community to the new Telly world.

But don’t worry! All of your TwitVid videos, Collections and profiles are still online! They’ve just moved. You can login to Telly using your TwitVid username. All links and embeds of your old TwitVids still work as well — there is no interruption of service. You can even still use the TwitVid uploader to post your videos (powered by Telly).

Telly is a place for us to Collect/share the best videos, and to discover what to watch through the activity your social connections. The Telly mobile apps make each and every one of us a videographer, with awesome creation tools.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please feel free to ask us any questions at any of our support channels:


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