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Big updates to Telly

7th February 2013


We’re proud to announce some new updates for Telly!

First, the entire team at Telly is ecstatic to announce that since we re-branded from TwitVid to Telly, our engagement (uploads & shares) exploded 10-fold (from 7 million to 75 million) and we doubled our user base (hitting the 7 million unique user mark!) We’d like to give all 7 million of you a big THANK YOU!

All kidding aside, and in other (important) news, we are launching the first algorithmic approach to social video discovery. We’re excited because we’ll now monitor activity from your friends, such as video watches, discussions, liking, and posted content. Not only that, we’ll look at how friends engage with video content around social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to keep the discovery of content on Telly new, engaging and relevant to your interests.

From Telly CEO, Mo Al Adham, “Our goal with “My Telly” is to only play videos you’ll love. People love videos they get from friends but simply don’t have the time and tools to find those videos easily. Facebook and Twitter updates are like a river, and are quickly replaced with all kinds of other information. Most people still rely on email for video sharing. With “My Telly,” we pull all of the videos your friends are enjoying across the web, prioritize the best ones, and display them in a clean and relaxing viewing experience.”


Here’s how “My Telly” works…

  • Telly interprets all the video engagement actions taken by friends on Telly as well as Facebook and Twitter, such as upload, comments, likes, tweets or views.
  • Telly analyzes these interactions and takes into account time, device, and a user’s viewing history to produce a customized stream of video. For example, if the user is on an iPhone, shorter video clips will be served up first over long-form video in a traditional feed, for easy and enjoyable mobile discovery.
  • On the Web, “My Telly” is presented to users in a sleek, reel-like carousel, which gives users a “lean-back” video experience with simple controls for watching, engaging or skipping videos in their feed.

Speaking of “carousels,” you may have noticed a new way to interact with videos on Telly in our “Carousel” layout. This is a great way to sit back and enjoy videos from people you follow (My Telly), Trending/Popular videos, and each of our predefined categories:


There’s a link to view the submitter’s profile and if you enjoyed the video, you can “Like” it, too! Comments are coming soon, so stay tuned for that update.

Finally, PROTIP: The Carousel view is a great way to lean back and entertain yourself with great videos. But you can also use our Search feature to listen to music. Just choose your favorite band and let the Carousel do its thing!

Also, some helpful keyboard commands:
Left key: Previous video
Right key: Next video
Space bar: Like video

As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please feel free to ask us any questions at any of our support channels:


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