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Apparentely it’s a “thing.” The Harlem Shake

12th February 2013

The web is currently exploding with “The Harlem Shake" parody videos.

Not sure what it is? Check out our Collection of these clubby rompers here. Basically, it’s a new internet meme born out of the “Gangnam Style” type of tongue-in-cheek dance nonsense, by the American music producer, Baauer.

Generally, a room full of people remain static while 1 individual casually dances around. Once the music builds up and drops, all hell breaks lose in a new camera shot as the entire room erupts into a bad dancing club scene.

The song was released about a year ago but it wasn’t until early February 2013 that it really started to catch on. There’s all kinds of different versions, but a few stand out for a variety of reasons. And the best part is, these are all 30 seconds long so they’re easy to digest and move on. Enjoy!

http://telly.com/2JSOZ0 - The Sexy

http://telly.com/2D5QA9 - The Cute

http://telly.com/2D5LZG - The Army

http://telly.com/1WO2Y3 - The Totally Bizarre

http://telly.com/1TR1IN - Bringing the SexyBack

http://telly.com/1TRQ3Z - The Original

http://telly.com/2D4778 - The Compendium

Did we miss any good ones? Be sure to upload them to our Harlem Shake Collection!

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